Thursday, May 7, 2009

an ephemeral sculpture

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Inga (the artist formerly known as Chris Langdon) and I were going through some of her film, and this one roll of faded 7381-color-print-shot-in-camera-as-negative unspooled in this way that we both thought was pretty magnificent.

Incidentally, Chris Langdon and Fred Worden, when they were at Cal Arts ca.1972-73, completed two films that were shot using print stock rather than camera stock (Now, You Can Do Anything and Venusville), as well as shooting (but never finishing) a third film, called The Boat Show.

I'll be showing a restored print of Venusville on 5/29/09 at the Hammer Museum for those who might be interested to see it. And Now, You Can Do Anything is in the works to be restored by this Fall.