Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi everyone,


I've totally moved this site!

Find it now at:

Please reset your bookmarks/links, as this Blogger version of the site will no longer be updated.

Also please do feel welcome to follow me on Instagram, as my account there is an extension of what this site does, with totally different, much more frequently updated content:  @preservationinsanity


It's been three years since I posted anything here, though for about a year now I've been keeping a fairly regular Instagram version of what this blog does (@preservationinsanity if you're interested, please feel welcome to follow!)

I think one of the main obstacles to posting more regularly was the pressure I had felt (entirely created by myself) to make each post a fairly elaborate one, lavishly illustrated, super involved, etc.  I've realized this isn't at all necessary, and posts can be of any length really, including those overly long and involved ones that some masochistic souls to seem to enjoy...

So, annoyed at my own lack of contribution to this site (and, by extension, whatever humble contribution to the larger literature of experimental film and archiving it represents), and also buoyed by some recent interactions with enthusiastic archival grad students (thank you Nadja, Krystel, and Eric) for whom I wrote some lengthy thoughts on what I do, I decided to get back to maintaining this site as a hopefully useful (or at least curious) resource for information about experimental film and archiving.

However, reviving the site necessitated a move to a different domain, for a number of reasons, simplest of which is the fact that I'm much more comfortable with Wordpress now that I've been using it for a few years to make class websites for my CalArts students.

Another reason is that I hope to eventually include some additional information on the site which could be of use and/or interest to anyone involved or curious about film archiving, experimental film, the film medium, etc., and the new domain was more approachable to me in making such hypothetical additions.  This will hopefully include historical texts and anecdotes, technical information, and ideally, if I can put it together in a coherent form for the web, a guide to historical 16mm film stocks that I've been compiling over the past few years.

Anyhow, I hope you'll come check out the new site!  All of the past posts (except a few brief and obsolete ones) are intact at the new location, and in fact even spiffed up, more readable, and with a few very minor but necessary corrections introduced.  I've also added a few new posts already, and do intend to keep more regular track of it.

So please do come and follow the new site and the new location:

And as always, you're more than welcome to write comments requesting info or posts on certain films, filmmakers, technical info, preservation thoughts, etc. and I'll do my best to answer them!

Thanks for your time,

Mark T

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